5 Effective Cannabis Business Trends to Expect This 2023

The worldwide enthusiasm surrounding the legalization of cannabis continues to grow. It’s opening doors for a wide range of cannabis businesses. Congress may not have succeeded in passing meaningful legislation for the cannabis business last 2022, but 2023 is different.

The marijuana sector will have newfound hope and excitement in 2023. Executives in the cannabis industry may notice significant developments. The cannabis sector had a difficult year in 2022 due to macroeconomic challenges. These include inflation, overproduction, and a lack of capital investment.

Executives in the cannabis business social network should expect developments in 2023. Others will have a detrimental impact on the industry. Some will be brand-new, while others will carry over from 2023 onwards.

In this blog, get to know the top 5 cannabis business trends this year brings. Read on to learn more about it.

Like all other industries, the cannabis industry will experience transformation in 2023. There will be growth, but that is only part of the discussion. These are the top five trends for this year to watch out for:

The Discovery of New Cannabinoids

Cannabis has a wide range of beneficial components. THC and CBD have therapeutic effects on users, including CBC, CBG, THCV, and CBN, to mention a few.

Not to mention the terpenes, which are a significant part of the cannabis industry. In 2023, don’t be shocked if these novel cannabinoids, mixtures, and chemicals steal the show.

Here’s yet another approach to promoting weed. Use the popularity of these compounds to promote products that include them. You can also produce educational content. It is an avenue to tell others about these compounds and their advantages.

Consumer Preferences Are Changing

How to start a cannabis business seems challenging already; what more if consumers’ preferences have changed over time?

Sales of legal cannabis products were still dominated by flowers in 2022. This year it is also projected to see a continuation of that pattern. The U.S. cannabis product category has identified Flower as the first on the list, with 40.7% demand in the market. The lowest percentage of demand is Topical, with 0.9%.

Industry share will continue to change as younger customers enter the legal cannabis market. Other than that, adult-use sales have become available in more states. For instance, younger consumers spend more on vapor pens than flowers.

Women are far more likely to buy topicals than men, whereas men are much more likely to purchase flowers. Future cannabis product sales will be influenced by changing consumer tastes. Thus, in 2023 and beyond, brands must watch these developments.

New Product Varieties

We are discussing variation in unprecedented ways for the cannabis business in this blog. It entails new goods, strains, and cannabinoids that we aren’t even aware of. Dispensaries can consider adding products to their lineup that should have been included or overlooked. The best example is beverages. These products are predicted to have rapid growth in the upcoming year.

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You can gain a competitive advantage by planning the best ways to sell these new types. Most cannabis dispensaries include this possibility in their cannabis business plan this 2023. For your cannabis business to flourish in a competitive industry, you need to be aware of new product varieties. Be sure that these products are in demand in the market from time to time.

 Marketing Driven by Data

The days of assuming your consumer’s identity and interests are over. A wealth of demographic and market information is available. It is important to improve a brand’s cannabis business plan. One must go into the data and analytics to refine and extract relevant and helpful information.

They must understand their current and potential clients thoroughly. It is done to produce products and launch marketing campaigns. Although the sector may see short-term issues with supply, pricing, and regulations, the long-term picture is still positive. The U.S. and international emerging markets will be the main source of short-term growth.

In 2023, smaller brands will lose customers as sales in more developed areas slow down, merge, and atrophy. It is anticipated that brands embrace portfolio pricing tiering and premiumization. It also includes differentiating products, wherein all these tactics will continue to lead in 2023.

Integration of a Cannabis Business to Wellness Centers

The industry must put more emphasis on wellness. More brands will continue to use health and wellness to reach a wider audience and boost sales. It is manifested at massage and spa centers. Sales can be affected by informing and educating consumers about the advantages of cannabis—more particularly by including it in their exercise, self-improvement, and health routines.

What State Is the Easiest to Start a Cannabis Business?

The top 3 states in America that are easier to establish a cannabis business are Oregon, Colorado, and Michigan.


One of the finest states to start a dispensary is Oregon. There are several prospects for market entry and a friendly legal environment. There is a huge demand for cannabis goods and a favorable tax environment.

It pioneered the markets for coffee, craft beers, and, most recently, cannabis. Oregon is a less expensive state than California to launch and run a cannabis business. There are no prerequisites for residency, and the application process is less competitive.


Another excellent state for dispensaries in Colorado. There is accessibility to a wealth of resources to get going. There is a great demand for cannabis goods and a favorable tax environment.

The state’s legal system supports the dispensary industry. This state was one of the first states to legalize marijuana. It had a lengthy history of fostering the sector. There are a ton of materials accessible as well to support your beginning. Colorado’s price per gram is low. It indicates that the state can experience oversaturation and fierce competition.

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Another great state to start a dispensary is Michigan. There are several prospects for market entry and a friendly legal environment. With approximately 30 million inhabitants, North America is the largest consumer market in the world. And Michigan is the second-most populous state on our list.

After Michigan legalized cannabis in 2018, the sector has seen tremendous growth. The number of operating dispensaries in the state is already above 200, and this number is anticipated to rise.

The market seems promising, as Michigan only taxes marijuana at a low rate. It might make it simpler to compete with states that have higher taxes. Additionally, the application price is higher than the national average. Michigan’s capacity for profit is its best feature. It appears third because of this.


Throughout the year, keep an eye on the marketing trends in the cannabis sector. You have to be aware of these things as they are subject to modification. These are of great help to your cannabis business onwards.

Another excellent option is to work with a seasoned cannabis marketing firm. They will create more successful marketing plans and ride the wave this year. Also, abide by the rules for promoting and marketing cannabis-related goods and services.

Finally, work with a digital marketing company that ensures the most reliable services. They will help increase the identity of your cannabis business online. With QRX Dispensary Solutions, you can learn everything there is to know about launching a cannabis business and other important things to consider in the industry.

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