A Quick Guide to Dispensary Advertising and Marketing

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The cannabis industry is still in its infancy. Many dispensary owners are clueless and struggling to grow their businesses. Dispensary advertising and marketing are their only. Yet, this option is still in its early stages of exploration too. One wrong move can lead to costly mistakes.

To achieve success as a cannabis dispensary, one must be able to advertise effectively. It should be within the limits of the policies implemented by the ad platform. Advertising itself without knowing the limitations is already challenging. Owners may end up wasting money on ineffective advertisements. Additionally, ads are susceptible to getting banned on various social media platforms. The ones that do make it through barely convert.

With the advent of digital technology, social media, and the right cannabis digital marketing team like QRx Dispensary Solutions as your ally, dispensary advertising is easier.

The Need for Brand Visibility

One of the most common questions for cannabis brand owners is this – can dispensaries advertise on Facebook? Yes! Cannabis dispensaries can advertise on Facebook, but it can be pretty challenging if you do not know what you are doing.

Facebook is the most popular social media platform globally, and there are many companies, brands, and other entities that use it for advertising. However, Facebook has strict regulations about what content can be advertised. In recent years, Facebook has been making many changes to its algorithms adding dispensary advertising challenges to the platform. This change has made it hard for businesses and brands to reach their audience on the platform.

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Here are some of the most common challenges when advertising your cannabis dispensary on Facebook:

  • The use of controversial words like marijuana and cannabis can cause your advertisement to get disapproved.
  • Advertisements on Facebook prohibit the use of marijuana products
  • Your trustworthiness diminishes and is affected by multiple disapproved advertisements.
  • Getting your account banned is also very likely if you continue to break the abovementioned rules.

So how can you advertise on Facebook without the risk of getting your accounts banned? Read further to get some tips.

Dispensary Ads: Do’s and Don’ts

Cannabis, while legal in most places in the United States, presents a significant marketing and advertising issue. Google’s standards prohibit the promotion of cannabis and marijuana goods. On the other hand, some digital marketing firms have found a way around it.

Understanding Google’s or any other platform’s advertising policy concerning dispensary ads is critical to working around this loophole. You can’t get around something you don’t comprehend. Here are some basic dos and don’ts to be aware of:


Google does not allow ads that promote the use, sale, or dissemination of cannabis-related information. Both medicinal and recreational cannabis fall within this category. Cannabis stores, delivery services, actual cannabis items like edibles, concentrates, dried flowers, and cannabis-related accessories are all included.

On the other hand, typing marijuana-related keywords into the search box will still bring up relevant adverts on the SERP. This means that there is indeed a way around these policies.


There is a technique to get around Google’s rules and design cannabis ads that will most likely be accepted and displayed on the search engine. To enhance your chances of getting your ads accepted, stay away from these “trigger words.”

  • marijuana
  • cannabis
  • weed
  • hash
  • vapes
  • pipes
  • ganja
  • dispensary
  • rolling paper

Using these terms in your ad copy, website copy, or domain name may result in ad disapproval.

It is feasible to bid for these “trigger keywords,” but removing the actual term from your web copy and website domain boosts your ads’ chances of being published.

For example, you can bid on the keyword “dispensary near me” for your Google ad. Note that the phrase “dispensary” isn’t included on the landing page for which you’re making an ad, in your meta, or your Google Ad.

The same can be said about Facebook and other social media platforms such as Instagram. It’s unlikely that a cannabis digital marketing team will be able to get their ads approved unless they get smart when creating their ads for these platforms.

But what if my ad gets disapproved?

Regroup and assess. As mentioned above, dispensary advertising can be challenging. Remember that multiple attempts to get an advertisement approved, whether on Facebook or Google, can eventually cost you your ad accounts after incurring too many disapproved ads. Decrease the risk of getting banned by paying close attention to what you should avoid and what you should do to get your dispensary advertisements approved.

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Start Planning Your Cannabis Digital Marketing Strategy Today!

Regardless of where you plan to run your dispensary and cannabis advertisements, getting a good grasp of what to do and what to avoid increases your chances of getting your advertisements published.

It takes an experienced digital marketing team like QRx Dispensary Solutions to help you successfully build your brand online and reach out to your target market through online advertising.

Need to learn more about cannabis marketing? Contact us today to get a brand health checkup or begin your journey to a successful dispensary brand online.

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