How To Organize Unforgettable Cannabis Events in 2023

Cannabis legalization is fast expanding throughout North America and the world. As of the time of writing, recreational cannabis usage was legal in Canada, 21 states in the United States, and Washington, D.C. Ten states have decriminalized recreational cannabis usage, while medicinal cannabis and CBD are legal in many more states. Other things are also to be considered, even setting up cannabis events.

It takes a lot of determination to keep up with the frequent changes in legalization. Many regulatory hurdles exist, particularly when maintaining your cannabis farm or dispensary license.

Another important factor is compliance with cannabis security regulations. Compliance rules are cumbersome, growing, and may differ from state to state or county to county. They range from the need to submit a sitemap outlining security to ensuring the various sites are set up for video surveillance.

Attending a Cannabis Expo in 2023 is one of the many best things you can do to keep an eye on these expanding opportunities. It starts with attending cannabis conferences and cannabis industry events and hosting your cannabis events. These provide the quickest method to grow your cannabis customer base. It promotes your shop and generates buzz for your company.

Dispensaries should consider hosting cannabis events, client appreciation days, and other celebrations. It’s not a marketing success but a great way to support the neighborhood.

It can be challenging to host cannabis trade shows and events in a dispensary. On the one hand, you want everyone to feel comfortable. There are rigorous guidelines for how patrons consume cannabis, and dispensaries must uphold strict compliance. You will only get the outcomes you want if you make the proper preparations and efforts. 

To answer the question of “How to organize cannabis events near me?” here are 13 things you need to do.

Determine Your Objectives

First, you need to determine the purpose of the event. Here are things you need to think about before pushing further:

  1. What else is going on in the neighborhood now? 
  2. Will my event’s date conflict with anything significant that might deter attendees?
  3. Will this occur over several days, during the day, for a short time, or after work?
  4. What is the size of my budget?
  5. How many people are expected to attend?
  6. What makes up success in this context?
  7. What are my expected outcomes?

Observe those around you and even inquire about cannabis events that their friends, coworkers, and customers might visit. 

Make a Strategy

Every event ought to have a plan. Start with a primary goal and creative ideas and go from there. You can browse the internet and narrow your choices on what you should include in cannabis events. 

You can also ask friends or professionals who have already launched an event like this. In the process, you will learn from them any mishap that should not occur in your upcoming event. As always, it is best to start planning as soon as possible.

Pick the Right Moment

Regardless of the size or platform of your event, choosing the proper day and time is crucial. Do some research. Verify that no conflicting events or holidays can discourage people from attending. 

Likewise, take time zones into account. Pick a time that works for as many of your consumers and followers as you can if you intend to go worldwide. Ensure the content is available for people who couldn’t attend after live presentations.

Play Upbeat Music

A fantastic soundtrack is essential to any successful event. Make sure your event is rocking to liven up the celebration, whether engaging regional musicians or exploring the area’s house DJ culture. Better still, if the DJ or band is popular with the cannabis culture as well!

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Present Amazing Deals

Nothing draws customers in like a screaming offer, so let people know about your impending sales if you’re preparing for a major in-store event. Distribute flyers, update your Leafly specials or Amazon offerings and inform your loyal clients about cannabis events you plan to launch. Let the market know you have an event coming up, and it will be worthwhile for them to come, advertise in the local media or use word-of-mouth marketing.

Invite 420 Influencers to Your Cannabis Event

Give an invitation to a prominent influencer in your dispensary to increase the event’s exposure. Influencers might range from well-known figures in the cannabis industry to notable users of Instagram or YouTube. They have thousands of followers, and their fame might increase interest in your event.

Snoop Dogg’s recent attendance at the Jardin Cannabis Dispensary’s grand opening in Las Vegas is a good example. While budtenders informed consumers about medical cannabis products, he interacted with his fans, signed autographs, and posed for photos.

Offer Delectable Munchies

Great food and cannabis go hand in hand, if there is anything. The best food is free food. Food trucks are the best choice for individuals who worry about the cost or the mess associated with onsite food services. 

A food truck business like Island Girl Seafood and Cheese Balls is a good example of offering catering services for special events. There is no faster method than through someone’s gut to get to their heart.

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Engage in Fun Activities

Planning to have lots of activities during the event may not always be an option if you have a small floor plan. Making the most of the area you have, indoors or outdoors, is a terrific way to increase the appeal of your dispensary while having a lot of fun and being creative.

Many entertaining events include a planetarium yurt, a bouncy castle, live glass-blowing demos, and many bands playing. There are also stoned yoga and henna tattoos at the said event. These are entertaining and inventive activities that you should offer to keep visitors returning long after they have left with their purchases.

Proliferate Brand Awareness Always to Your Clients

Wearing branded products is a terrific way to ensure people remember your event and company. Given that cannabis giveaways are illegal in many areas, this can be a little complicated. As long as there is no cannabis product present, branded accessories are OK and can include sunglasses, beanies, caps, nipple pasties, lanyards, lighters, rolling papers, shirts, stickers, etc. 

Freebies are a customer favorite, and giveaways entice customers to visit your establishment again. The best freebies you can give should be that of AllStuff420™, Himpy Slides™, OG Kushies™, 420 Nipple Pasties, and 420 Beanies. These companies offer the best 420-themed freebies for any cannabis events.

Making your own branded product line is a terrific approach to standing out from the competition and fostering customer loyalty if you have the overhead available. The money you invest will pay for itself in the additional clients you will get and the brand loyalty you will create. A little bit does help a lot!

Educate the Public about Cannabis

Work with community members to inform your workers about top products, cutting-edge developments, and best practices in the Cannabis Industry. These gatherings offer an opportunity to share information and keep your employees up to date, as customers rely on budtenders to guide them in selecting the best products and strains for their requirements.

Newcomers and seasoned professionals are geared at bringing together the best and brightest leaders to network and learn about the most recent cannabis trends. With a happy hour and an exclusive Cannabis 101 session from a 420 specialist, your cannabis event is bound to be unforgettable.

Promote the Event

Identify the main draws that will attract attendees to your event. It might include a notable speaker, skill-sharing, a networking opportunity, and more. Whatever you decide, make sure your marketing makes the value proposition clear.

Prepare for Any Tech Issues

Virtual events contain flaws as real-world ones do. Test your Internet connection before starting, and have your speakers do the same. Create backups of your presentations’ graphics in case a file malfunction or disappears. Plan a test run and a tech inspection.

Encourage Participation in Your Audience

Invite viewers to post queries in the comments or via a chat option. The likelihood is that those who ask questions will remain to see if they are addressed. You can get their perspectives to improve your next cannabis events.

Bottom Line

The world is learning about the many applications and advantages of cannabis, making it an attractive new commercial potential. 

There are still many unknown things about this magical plant in the industry. Those who attend cannabis events can enjoy learning about the substance, from regular consumers to hemp growers and medical specialists.

Almost every dispensary will host some event. To advance with this technique, you must execute well-marketed, branded, and promoted events. Hosting dispensary events will help your cannabis retail business, regardless of the market you serve, your clientele, or your rivals.

To know more about launching your cannabis online dispensaries and other useful information about this field, contact QRX Dispensary Solutions today!

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