A Complete Guide to a Successful Cannabis Marketing

Cannabis marketing can use traditional social media, but there is always the fear of going too far and getting banned. You will need to check out other sites that focus on cannabis. These sites can help your business without putting you at risk of being banned.

Cannabis use for fun is rising, and it’s just getting started. Unfortunately, the cannabis marketing and CBD, which is related to cannabis but doesn’t make you high, is way behind. People in a lot of emerging markets think, “Marketing?! People are surprised that they can get a blunt at an Apple store.

How Do You Upsell at a Dispensary?

The more customers buy in-store or online, the more money you make. Customers who buy cannabis from your dispensary or online want the most for their money.

You must “up-sell” or convince customers to purchase more expensive products if you want them to spend more. How to market cannabis? You must clear the upsell’s value to get them to spend more. Upselling is the most important part of making the process good for both the customer and the dispensary. This is how to market your cannabis business, everyone wins.

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Change the Process into One

Upselling is merely a secondary goal; the main purpose is to add value to the consumer and meet their demands with exceptional service. Make them comfortable. If they’re comfy, they’re more inclined to listen to your suggestion and buy the ounce now instead of the eighth.

Inform Your Clients

When you teach your customers, they may buy more and spend more money. Customers might not know much about the business of cannabis marketing. If you tell your customer why they should buy the more expensive strand, they may buy it.

Make Deals with Leverage

Leveraging discounts is another excellent technique to upsell your clients and give them value. While a client within the business could notice the sign you’ve put up, if you want to boost sales and foot traffic, you need to inform them in advance. It is imperative to contact customers by text message or email.

Learn about New Trends and Use It

Knowing a customer’s interests before they approach you can help you upsell. Trends are key. During COVID, clients buy more flowers in quantity to reduce visits. If you understand this trend, you may post deals on a bulk flower to improve traffic and the possibility of people buying other products while they’re there.

Understand Each Customer

Individual customers are equally important to general trends, yet gathering customer data is complicated and regulated. If you can save client data, you can utilize it to target your marketing. Sending customers a certificate for 15% off their next flower purchase of a quarter or more may be more effective than discounting concentrated.

Treat Customers Well

People love spending money, especially when they provide unique bargains only for loyal members. Having a loyalty program is crucial. It lets you make your customers feel special and offer them valuable benefits, which increases customer spending.

Product Appearance and Location

Often, selling your products requires little effort. Good items market themselves. If your exhibit isn’t enticing, customers won’t shop there. Making clients feel special at your dispensary demands a way to reach them.

How Do You Market a CBD Company?

It’s rare for a cannabis marketing agency to gain global consumer attention so quickly. Cannabidiol, or “CBD,” has sparked a medical industry boom. CBD, one of the most-discussed cannabinoids, will control a $16.32 billion market in the U.S. by 2026.

Marketing that works for CBD is becoming more and more in demand. CBD appeals to people of all ages and even pets. You need the plan to make money from the “Green Rush” and sell CBD products legally and effectively.

By 2025, CBD sales could reach $16 billion. So does Cowen Research. You need to do research, stick with it, and be patient in this cannabis digital marketing. You can sell CBD online if you know how to do execute professionally cannabis marketing.

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Focus On SEO

Using SEO to build your online brand is a natural thing to do. This method can be hard to use, but it costs less than other advertising methods. If you hire an SEO expert, you can save time and money regarding cannabis marketing.

Expand Your Content

SEO is all about using high-volume keywords and phrases in blog posts, articles, product descriptions, and web content, so content creation fits in well. Use social media to get your content out there and bring more people to your website. When you use curated content, you look more like a leader in the CBD industry.

Create an Affiliate Network

Affiliate marketers can promote your goods without your help. Industry research shows that affiliate cannabis marketing spending will rise by 10% in the next few years. Affiliate marketing is worth $12 billion and contributes 15% of digital media revenue. In 2017, online users clicked on affiliate links over 5 billion times.

Use Marketing with Influencers

Include as many CBD marketing methods as feasible. Diversifying your marketing plan increases your chances of reaching your target market and making a profit from cannabis marketing. Influencer marketing is a great way to do this; 17% of organizations spend more than half of their marketing budget on influencers.

Use Email Marketing

Email marketing is another must-use method. It is one of the oldest ways to market online, but people worldwide still use it. Sending coupons and deals to existing newsletter subscribers/customers improves customer relationships and retention.


Even though major social media networks don’t allow CBD advertising, there are workarounds. Social media and content marketing allow CBD marketers to educate their audience and develop brand exposure without pushy selling practices that could get your account blocked.

There are many ways that cannabis marketing can grow. This market is growing quickly, so it will be interesting to see what comes next. QRX Dispensary gives information about the cannabis business.

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